Priestley Chiropractic

We Provide Effective and Gentle Care for:

Back and Neck Pain
Many times when joints in the spine do not move properly they strain muscles and patients can develop acute or chronic pain.   This office has been very successful in managing patients with these conditions.

Scoliosis is a common condition which affects people of all ages.  This condition is a deviation of the spine from the normal midline, and can lead to a variety of problems.  It is most effectively treated in its early stages.  Heel lifts and special adjustments of the spine can reduce scoliotic curvatures.  Dr. Priestley has post graduate education in the evaluation and treatment of scoliosis.

Intervertebral Disc Conditions
Pain that radiates into the arms or legs may indicate pressure being put on a nerve from the discs between vertebra.  These conditions can be effectively treated without the use of surgery or drugs.  Our office is equipped with treatment tables which are specifically designed for these types of conditions.  In cases that require medical intervention we work in conjunction with other doctors.

Chronic Headaches
Many people with chronic headaches come to our office after they have tried a number of different therapies that have been unsuccessful.   Chiropractic is a safe and effective means of correcting the cause of many types of headaches.

When bones in the spine do not move properly or become misaligned and irritate nerves, they create problems in the body's communication system.  These problems are known as subluxations.  Many chronic disorders can be resolved by removing subluxations.  Chiropractors are the only professionals licensed to detect and correct subluxations.

Children also have spine related conditions.   Common injuries sustained in sports, falls, and other childhood related accidents can lead to long term spinal problems if not effectively corrected.

Motor Vehicle Accidents
Dr. Priestley has post graduate training in the evaluation and treatment of soft tissue injuries involving motor vehicle accidents.   Patients involved in motor vehicle accidents are typically covered for treatment, under the car's insurance policy.

Maintenance Care
After initial Problems are resolved, some of our patients choose to continue care as maintenance patients.  Maintenance care involves periodic adjustments for the prevention of subluxations.  Unfortunately, insurance plans do not cover maintenance care.

Work Related Accidents
Many times people are injured in the course of their employment. New York State allows for treatment of these types of injuries under the Worker's Compensation Law.  You do not need to be disabled or miss time from work to receive medical or chiropractic benefits from work related injuries.